Frequently Asked Questions

Can Acquisition Realty & Development, LLC help with our banking needs?

Acquisition Realty & Development, LLC is not affiliated with any financial institution. We do however, have relationships with many financial institutions and can assist you with your banking needs. We are experienced with handling 1031 exchanges and working with financial institutions on Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans.

I don’t think what I’m looking for even exists. How can you help?

As you can see by looking at our case studies in New Commercial Development, Commercial Renovation, and Commercial Build-to-Suits Acquisition Realty & Development, LLC has the vision to see the potential in properties that may not seem like they would be the “right” property at first glance. Many of our listings are confidential and would not be shown in MLS or on our website. One of these properties could be just the property you’re looking for.

What kind of support do you offer if we purchase vacant land and are interested in building a facility from the ground up?

Acquisition Realty & Development, LLC can offer build to suits or if you purchase vacant land we can offer solutions to your construction needs and assist with the permitting and governmental approvals necessary to construct a facility that meets your needs.

Why aren’t all of your listings shown in MLS (Multiple Listing Service) or on your website?

Many of our listings are confidential. We pre-qualify potential Buyers before releasing information on many properties we have available. Also, we feel that we can better determine what properties have the ability to suit a Buyers needs after we have had the opportunity to personally discuss with the Buyer their specific requirements. Many times we’ve found that after speaking to a Buyer we can offer solutions that may not have been thought of by the Buyer previously. Our goal is to provide a potential Buyer with feasible options staying true to their requirements and budget while offering the Buyer the best investment.